Can SMEs in the Almeria region of the Almanzora Valley adapt to ICTs to continue growing and expanding without borders through the Internet?

The positive response to this question has been the objective of the ICT Project, recently implemented, for the “Diagnostic and Consulting Program for SMEs of the Artisan and Agri-Food sectors of Valle del Almanzora” organized in Serón, Almería, by Desarrolla Consultants in collaboration with the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and the Mancomunidad del Valle de la Almanzora.

30 SMEs from the Artisan and Agroalimentary sectors of the Almanzora Valley have been the epicenter of the project. After the evaluation of their candidatures, the companies have been the protagonists of the consultancy program that Desarrolla Consultores has carried out.

The objectives have been to detect their ICT needs, as well as to give them support for their implementation through multidisciplinary workshops given by expert consultants in digital marketing, communication, big data and competitiveness. We talk about web strategy, building profiles in social networks, corporate blogs, e-commerce, among others.