Innovation Day in   Almería  

In 2015, Grupo Desarrolla repeats   as a guest and speaker at the Innovation Day organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the province of Almeria.

The event focuses on the needs most demanded by companies today. David Martínez, consultant of Grupo Desarrolla specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing, has exposed the features that today are necessary for a brand to “warm up” among its customers. “We do not want customers we want our brand users and for that we have to sell more experiences beyond our products or services, to get a community around our company,” said David, during the intervention of Grupo Desarrolla.

Throughout the lecture, entitled   “ Your company on the network, the limits are set by you”,   the attendees were able to enjoy illustrative examples and raised issues of interest to the speaker. SMEs, including those related to business size and competitiveness, to which the speaker responded “You do not have to be an Apple to build a brand; the only important thing is to know how to tell a good story “.