The Provincial Council of Almeria, the Foundation School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the State Secretariat of Social Services and Equality, the result of a collaboration agreement, inaugurated in April 2013 a program with which it was intended to enhance promote the SMEs of 22 entrepreneurs throughout the province.

The deputy of Equality, Elisa Fernández; the director of the EOI’s ‘Innovative Entrepreneurs’ program area, Julio Castilla, and the person in charge of Desarrolla Consultores   -who has given this action-, María Cuadrado,   presided over the presentation ceremony together with the 22 women who were selected among the 35 who aspired to participate in this action: Promotion of entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the province.

The objective was to develop a comprehensive accompaniment program for the 22 women entrepreneurs. “Help women entrepreneurs to boost their level of business, increase their sales volumes and consolidate in the market, becoming a benchmark or a source of job creation”,

An analysis of the internal capacities of the companies will be carried out (technology, organization, processes, financial model, etc.). Accompanying consultancies will be carried out in order to prepare a Strategic Plan and an Action Plan. These consultancies will help to understand the situation of the market and the company, the definition of strategic positioning, prioritization of strategic initiatives as well as the development of a Strategic Plan.

In this sense, it has highlighted the provincial scope of this initiative in which 54% of the entrepreneurs are from the capital and the rest of Canjayar, El Ejido, Tabernas, Albox, Laujar, Níjar and Aguadulce.
The companies are:
1. Arkisa Real Estate Project
2. Events & Golf
3. Navarro Pasarela S.L.
4. Alejandría Cta, C.B.
5. School of dance and shows.
6. Monik, comme toi
7. Envinados S.L.
8. Editorial Libre Albedrío S.L.
9. Carmen Plaza
10. Catame
11. Villalba Asesores S.L.L.
12. Hotel Senderos
13. Scaparatist
14. La Plaza Crafts
15. Asesoría Mª José Hernández
16. Estanco Joaquina Hernández
17. Insurance Mª José Aguilera
18. Language Time S.L.
19. Centro de fisioterapia Corpórea
20. Rincones de Juanñu
21. Florist La Rambla.
22. Ayala Training