Lean Office

The agile and productive office

A Business Challenge

The foundation of the Lean Office is the elimination of inefficiencies, understanding by inefficiency all that activity, process or consumption of resources, which does not add value to the product or service required by the client.

Specifically, by implementing Lean office in your office you will be optimizing the management of time with what is achieved to increase productivity and efficiency in companies. Improving, therefore, the profitability of the company.


What kind of innovation projects do we develop?

From Desarrolla Consultores, we understand the Lean Office as a work methodology of easy application in offices and professional offices, with the Lean System, and specifically with the implementation of one of its 5S tools, we obtain a general improvement of the processes administrative.

The Lean Office is clearly a bet for a more efficient organization. In short, do more with less (time and resources).

What are the benefits of participating in innovation projects?

  • Facilitates analysis and greater knowledge of your business
  • Decrease execution times.
  • Reduce errors in administrative processes
  • Optimizes the documentation and file management processes. (Document management)
  • Reduce the need for space
  • Facilitates the incorporation of new personnel and substitution personnel • Creates organized workplaces.
  • Facilitates visual control.
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Promotes collaboration among employees

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Frequent questions

How long does it take to deploy lean Office?

It will depend mainly on the size, and the complexity of the activities developed by the organization. Our experience recommends an average of 3 months of performance for a successful result.

Does the implementation of the Lean Office require some prerequisites?

The involvement of the management team with the project

Do you require specific Software or Hardware?

No extra investment in computer equipment is necessary.