A solution that informs you about the viability of your business before investing in it

Almeria’s SMEs located in Carboneras, Tabernas, Laujar and Olula del Río have experienced the Canvas method in the hands of the consultancy specialist in business strategy project management, Grupo Desarrolla.

A project financed by Andalusia is undertaken and taught in the respective CADEs (Support Centers for Business Development).

WHY CANVAS? From any sector, companies have approached this methodology to analyze the viability of their business models. And is that Canvas is a professional system that seeks to ensure if we really have a viable business model in which, among other parameters, there is a segment of customers who are willing to pay for what we offer. The consultants of Grupo Desarrolla were available to the entities in group sessions and in individual sessions to deepen the method.

To go further, Grupo Desarrolla completed the courses with specialized digital marketing consultancies giving a diagnosis of how to strengthen the online presence of the organizations of the participants.

Additionally, both a Financial Control Plan and a Business Plan have been made to make SMEs rethink, reorient and consolidate their businesses within the current trends of their respective economic sectors.

To close the course, attendees have presented their work individually, a fact that allows them to acquire expertise when looking for possible partnerships to boost their entities.