Throughout 2014 Grupo Desarrolla has carried out a territorial competitive diagnosis that allows identifying the key sectors of the Levante Almeriense Region and a pre-diagnosis of them, with the ultimate goal of taking advantage of the territory’s endogenous resources to generate economic activity with an innovation focus as guarantor of economic development.

Actions taken

  • Obtain a classification of the different productive sectors of the Levante Almeriense Region according to their strategic nature.
  • Analyze the growth potential of the local economy, and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the key sectors of the region, in order to establish possible strategies to follow in the face of future expectations.
  • Analyze the business needs of these sectors and define actions to improve their competitiveness.

Results obtained

  • Identification of territorial competitiveness factors.
  • Diagnosis of the productive sectors of Levante Almeriense and identification of strategic sectors by virtue of the degree of sectoral development and growth potential.
  • Identification of lines of action, initiatives and actions that combine the objectives of facilitating the conditions to improve the global competitiveness of Levante Almeriense companies and to develop a leading position in the markets and strategic sectors for the economy of the Comarca .